January 25, 2018


Animals too can be at the forefront of modernity thanks to Pet Tech, a sector that offers more and more connected objects, more or less useful.

Laika is a little pet robot for dogs Laika is a small pet robot for dogs © CamToy

From horse saddles to cat litters that change on their own, many pet gadgets were introduced at the CES in Las Vegas two weeks ago. But dogs are still the most spoiled. One of the big trends of the sector right now: how to occupy your dog when his master is not there. And yes, it's nice to have a doggie but then we feel guilty because we leave him alone for hours and hours and Medor takes care of him by eating half of the shoe closet.

Cleverpet is a game console for dogs. The animal is invited to play memory or reflex games by pressing three keys. Another company has created the video phone for dogs. A screen placed at the height of the canine is connected to a small pedal on which the animal will ask his "papatte" to call his master when he wants. Imagine the scene in full meeting: "Excuse me I have my dog ​​calling me".

The French Startup CamToy is offering a pet robot for dogs. Laïka is a kind of cylinder that rolls: it is equipped with a camera and a speaker. "You can take control of it with your phone, and you can have a live video back in. You can really walk around, see your dog, talk to him or warn you if he's barking too much," says Thomas Samtmann, his co-founder.

To avoid being totally silly at work if you are in an open office, you can also pre-record short voice messages and Laïka broadcasts them. The little robot also has a standalone mode. The little trick in addition: the secret hatch that allows launching croquettes at a distance. Laïka is currently in pre-order phase for 300 dollars, the equivalent of just under 250 euros. But pet owners are willing to spend a lot of money. In the United States, the pet market accounted for $ 60 billion in 2016. Far from being a niche market.