April 19, 2018


You have a dog and do not want to let him suffer loneliness when you are at work? The solution exists with the Laïka robot!

There is a lot of research going on around the world in the field of robotics at the service of the human, for example BUDDY, the companion robot designed to help seniors or keep an eye on children, but many others still exist. But the technology also applies to our faithful companions on all fours, namely in this case our dogs!

One of the main concerns of the owners of some 6 million dogs in France is indeed the loneliness experienced by their pet. Indeed, many of them spend the majority of the day alone. This is why the young French start-up (cocorico) Camtoy decided to create a new high-tech robot named Laïka. The latter will allow owners to interact with their pet remotely and even to throw treats. The product is now available at a price of three hundred euros.


Presented at the Animal Expo in Paris devoted to pets, and also in the list of 31 French start-ups awarded at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Laïka has been described as "a revolutionary product for the relationship between the dog and his owner". The product will also soon be marketed in the largest pet shop and it will be interesting to have the first notices disclosed on sites dedicated to our favorite animals such as Woopets. But the start-up does not stop there since it is already embarking on a new robot model for cats! The cat being a much more independent animal than the dog, this robot is however less justified in our opinion...


To return to Laïka, it is about a small high-tech robot thought to solve the biggest problem of the dogs to know loneliness. And when a dog gets bored, comes screaming all day long to embellish the neighbors' daily life ^^ This is where this innovation comes in to take the role of toy companion and entertain our four-legged friend. Remotely, thanks to your smartphone, you will be able to give orders to your dog and reward him thanks to treats stored in the device. The animal thus has the impression of having a continuous presence. When the master is not connected, the robot becomes autonomous and walks around the house to train the dog to exercise. The creators of Laika have even thought to create a sensor to place on the collar of the dog to know if the latter is enough exercise and know his current position. Thus, his new companion can follow him in his wildest adventures.


Design but also resistant, Laïka was designed not to end in pieces under the toothache of a dog too enthusiastic! The robot also allows, in addition to entertaining the dog, to keep an eye on it. With their smartphone, owners can take control of the device, move it, and see what the animal is doing. If the ball of hair is caught in the act of stupidity, they can also talk to him from a distance and thus divert his attention. It is very likely that the future will tend more and more to the appearance of pet robots even if they were more expected to be for humans! But given that some pets are real family members in the eyes of many owners, there is no doubt that this type of robot should find favor with their eyes. But when will a robot monitor my goldfish? :-)