March 15, 2018


LET'S SPEAK ... HIGH-TECH - Invented by a French start-up, the high-tech Laika robot could become your dog's best friend, especially when he is alone at home.

March 15, 2018 11:40 - Cédric Ingrand

Laika is a small high-tech robot thought ... for dogs. Imagined by Camtoy, a French start-up, this invention solves the biggest problem for dogs, especially in the city: solitude, when its masters leave you at home all day long. This is where Laïka comes to really play companion robots, a mobile robot, which will first allow you at any time to find your dog in the house, to watch him from a distance with a webcam, to talk to him, and even to send him a croquette, a treat.

  When the master is not connected, the robot becomes autonomous, and walks around the house, to train the dog, to give him a little exercise. The creators of Laika have even created a small activity sensor to put around the neck of the animal to be able to follow his level of physical activity, but not only, it also allows to know when the dog is awake, and even where he is at your place, so that the robot can go and join him. Laïka is about as smart as the latest-generation robot vacuums, but it's a compliment, especially given the design efforts that have been made to make Laïka mobile but do not end up in pieces under the whiplash. a dog too enthusiastic, in short, the teams of Camtoy worked well.