January 09, 2018


video. the french start-up camtoy presents laika, the robot that monitors and enjoys your toutou. a niche ? especially a concentrated technology.

At the biggest high-tech trade show in the world, we do not forget the best friend of man. Camtoy's French team, present in Las Vegas for the CES, has indeed developed a robot for dogs that looks like a small barrel. This circular robot wants to be able, for example when you are at work, to deceive the boredom of your canine and to keep him company while having fun. Laika (which means "little barker" in Russian) owes its name to the first living being propelled into space, a dog put into orbit November 7, 1957 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The robot was designed by the agency OVA Design, the same that represented the Buddy robot signed by the Parisian manufacturer Blue Frog Robotics, just like the connected telescope Stellina.

Not serious, Laika? It is nevertheless a concentrate of technologies. With a camera, the robot allows the owner to see the head of his doggie from his mobile, just like talking to him, thanks to built-in speaker. The dog can even, if he wants to, he ... respond via a microphone ... It guides the robot through an application and you can activate at any time a "candy launcher". Croquettes are catapulted through a hole of less than 1.2 millimeters in diameter. The robot is able, like the American vacuum Roomba, to map the space in which it evolves, a dining room for example, and thus avoid obstacles. This allows him, when he has no battery, to go alone to the charging dock.

The creators of the start-up Camtoy explain that "different machine learning algorithms allow the robot to adapt to the mood of the dog," says Thomas Samtmann. Niche Market ? See you! The co-creator of Camtoy, who is preparing to receive an Innovation Award at the CES, has great admiration for Bruno Maisonnier, the founder of Aldebaran, the parent company of the humanoid robot Pepper. The team of Camtoy, that we could film in the premises of Point, does not prohibit anything. And think, why not, to create one day a toy for cats. Another niche that we meet at the turn of CES, with the presence of Catspad, another young French girl who, she, has developed a bowl connected ... This one must deliver water to the cat, but also croquettes, being careful to avoid indigestion.