September 27, 2017


What does your dog do when he is all alone at home?
A new high-tech robot name Laïka by its french inventors will allow dog owners to interact with their animal distance and even begin trucks. the product should be commercialized in spring 2018 at a price of about 300 euro.

The Laïka robot allows his owner to see and talk to his dog though his smartphone. / photo CamToy

The small robot Laïka in the form of a small barrel with two side wheels could appeal to city dwellers who are forced to leave their dog long days alone at home. 

Imagined by a young French start-up, Camtoy, and tested with veterinarians and ethnologists, the innovation is supposed to become the next companion of the dogs and allow the masters to see and talk to their animal thanks to an integrated camera.

With their smartphone, they can take control of the robot, move it and see what the dog is doing. If the ball of hair is caught in the act of destroying shoes or barking repeatedly, it will be possible to talk to him from a distance and thus divert his attention. "We have also incorporated a treasure launcher to divert the dog's attention when needed," said Thomas Samtmann, co-founder of Camtoy, in an interview with France Info radio.

The product is still in development and will be the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform launched at the end of September. However, it will be presented at the Animal Expo, dedicated to pets, to be held on 7 and 8 October 2017, at Parc Floral de Paris.

The robot Laïka should come out in the spring of 2018 at the price of about 300 euros for the robot alone, and 400 euros with a reloading base and a tracker, to attach to the collar of the dog, to allow the autonomous mode of the robot. The start-up is currently studying another robot model, this time for cats.