January 12, 2018

Careful preparation, trade-offs, disappointments, tips ... French start-ups tell the behind-the-scenes scenes of their first Consumer Electronics Show as exhibitors.

Seeing them all smiles behind their booth in Las Vegas, no one could have guessed that the arrival at CES of CamToy leaders, who is developing a connected companion for dogs, has been rock and roll. "Because of the bad weather in Florida, it took me 48 hours to arrive and I missed the 'Unveiled' party where we had a booth," said Marvin Crot, general manager of the seedling. Fortunately, one of his associates was on hand to meet the media that night.

Everything but Strip Hotels But the trip was not necessarily the most complicated part. Even though CamToy was accompanied by Business France, which took over some of its expenses to exhibit at Eureka Park, its leaders have been trying to find ways to minimize costs. A puzzle. For example, it was initially a question of renting a villa with other French Tech entrepreneurs. But this idea has fallen into the water. "Some preferred to stay in their comfort zone. There are some who like to come home after the Show and others who go to the parties, "says Marvin Crot, who ended up in an Airbnb inside a hotel with his team, near the Strip.

Adding what was left to pay for the stand, the cost of plane tickets, accommodation, travel, and food, for four people, CamToy has paid about 10,000 euros. A huge sum for a young shoot. But it's worth it, says Marvin Crot: "We could never reach so many American retailers elsewhere. There are more than 75 million dogs in the United States. No regrets, then. Other than having to change flights on the East Coast this season.