October 03, 2017

Most dogs spend their time alone at home, waiting for the return of their masters. And sometimes loneliness and boredom are so difficult to manage that some people develop behavioral problems. Laika, a robot designed by the French start-up CamToy, is here to become a real companion for them.


The story of Laïka began with Thomas Samtmann, co-founder of CamToy, and his dog Kimi, adopted at the SPA. When Kimi was alone at home, she destroyed everything and barked a lot. His master then installed a camera to observe him in his absence. However, he could not interact with her when he wanted to reassure her and stimulate her from a distance. This is how the idea of ​​a dog robot was born.

Like Kimi, many dogs suffer from separation anxiety or boredom when their teachers are absent. This can result in nuisance barking, destruction, or an apathetic or even depressed state. MJ, the famous Beagle star of the Web, knows something about it: "I was aware that he was not good, and I did not know how to help him, said his master Noam. I think that if we had had Laika at that time, it would have been much simpler. Today, MJ is more tolerant of loneliness and found in Laika a real friend: "MJ and Laika have become two inseparable. Much more than just a gadget, or a treasure-laden camera, Laika has become a gaming partner and a source of appeasement, "added Noam. It is therefore natural that the most famous dog in France has become ambassador of the brand!

Noam and MJ The Beagle at Laïka launch party: