Smart dog companion



CamToy is a French start-up based at Station F. We develop connected solutions for animals to improve their daily well-being. Our adventure begins with Laika, the first robot of the brand, designed to become a companion for dogs. Our ambition is to revolutionize their lives with Laïka by allowing you to interact with them wherever you are.


The CamToy's Team

We are four young entrepreneurs passionate about animals. Inspired by our personal experiences we have created Laika to always keep in touch with our dogs even when we are at work. Laïka was developed with veterinarians & dog behaviorists to create a perfectly adapted companion.



I first thought about Laïka when I adopted my dog 3 years ago in a french refuge named SPA. It was really hard for her to stay alone all day when I used to go to college. She chewed on so many things, barked on neighbors all day long and cried because she was so lonely.
I installed a camera to monitor her but it was useless. I wanted to create a solution to interact with her while being away from home but also to stimulate her when busy.